Dear Doctor,

Hi, my name is jo.

After cataract surgery, I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses sometimes. I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses for driving or watching TV, but I don’t want to depend on glasses for close reading. It is most important that I can read a book without glasses. I MUST be able to see EVERYTHING without glasses. I drive at night often. So long as I could MINIMIZE my dependence on glasses, I wouldn’t mind some nighttime visual imperfections such as halos, starbursts, and/or glare around lights. If it’ll improve my quality of vision, I’d like to utilize the best technology available, even if my insurance doesn’t cover the entire treatment. I've never had previous eye surgery to decrease my dependence on glasses. I've tried monovision before, and I DIDN'T like it.

Dear Patient,

Presbyopia Reduction

Based on your responses, strongly consider PRESBYOPIA REDUCTION in conjunction with your cataract surgery. This will minimize your dependence on glasses. Patients who choose this option are least likely to require glasses after surgery. There are many types of Presbyopia correcting lenses, such as Multifocal lenses, Extended-Depth-of-Focus lenses, Trifocal lenses, and Accommodating lenses. Many of these lenses can decrease astigmatism too. Please discuss this option with your doctor to see if you are a good candidate, as there are many factors to consider when planning your surgery. EVERY patient benefits from a custom-tailored treatment. Your surgeon may recommend a laser-assisted procedure in certain situations.

In addition, we found one concern about your expectations. While we expect an improvement of vision after cataract surgery, even the BEST technology available has its limitations. While one should expect improved vision, it may be impossible to have perfect vision at every distance AND in every lighting situation.

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