Dear Doctor,

Hi, my name is sarah mangus.

After cataract surgery, I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses sometimes. I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses for driving or watching TV, but I don’t want to depend on glasses for close reading. It is most important that I can use a computer without glasses. Read a book without glasses is a close second. I don't drive at night often. High quality of vision at night is very important to me. If it’ll improve my quality of vision, I’d like to utilize the best technology available, even if my insurance doesn’t cover the entire treatment. You should know that I've had previous eye surgery to decrease my need for glasses. I've never tried monovision before.

Dear Patient,

Astigmatism Reduction

Based on your responses, strongly consider astigmatism reduction with a TORIC lens in conjunction with your cataract surgery. This will increase the overall quality of your vision without glasses. Although you will still need glasses for certain tasks, nighttime visual imperfections are minimized. Please discuss this option with your doctor to see if you are a good candidate, as there are many factors to consider when planning your surgery. EVERY patient benefits from a custom-tailored treatment. Your surgeon may recommend a laser-assisted procedure in certain situations.

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